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Indemand Jobs Abroad

Jobstreets recently revealed that according to their company’s data, there are about 500,000 college graduates every year and there are 170,000 local job openings listed on their website. Assuming these are all the jobs available in the Philippines, that means, if all those positions are filled up there will be about 320,000 graduates who will be unemployed. If you add another 320,000 for those new graduates who did not get a job last year and then add the employees who recently quit their job or lost their job due to company retrenchments, you get the picture how many people are competing for the local job openings.

There are a lot of competent Filipino workers but our local industry cannot currently accommodate all of them.

That is why I think that when you are beginning to plan your career, you should always be open to the possibility that you will end up working abroad.

Indemand Jobs Abroad

For those aspiring to work outside the country, you should always be on the lookout for the types of job that are constantly indemand. So that you can prepare and train yourself properly.

How do you get a feel of what jobs are constantly in demand?

Just check regularly the job listings of employment agencies like RRJM. If you check openings through out the year you will see that we are often looking for:

1. People who can work for Construction Firms like engineers, architects, quality assurance people, machine operators, vehicle drivers, etc.

2. Hotel and Resort workers like cooks, painters, cleaners, plumbers, electrician, etc.

3. Computer professionals like computer programmers, auditors, systems analysts, computer technicians, etc.

4. Marketing and Sales people

5. Financial Management people

6. Quality control people.

So if you are planning to work abroad, you should prepare yourself to get experience in one of these jobs because one to two years experience is required minimum in order to be considered by Manpower Agencies.

Mistakes Applicants Make during Job Interviews

When looking for a job being confident with yourself is a big advantage. Employers would not want applicants who are lacking in confidence because they are looking for someone who can do the work and would need little supervision. You would not want to hire someone who is too worried to move and would often bug the manager on what they are supposed to do. Companies would like to hire people with leadership potential.

But sometimes applicants become too confident that it borders on being discourteous.

I recently came across an old article from Wall Street Journal. It was written in 2010 but it is still relevant today.

For job applicants please never make this mistakes. You maybe the best in your field but if your potential employer gets the impression that you are not pleasant to work with, they are not going to hire you.

Eight Mistakes that Job Applicants Make During Interview

POEA Urges Overstaying OFWs in UAE to Avail of Amnesty

POEA Issued a press release on January 2, 2012.

According to Secretary of Labor and Employment, Rosalinda Dimapilis – Baldoz, overstaying Overseas Filipino Workers can now avail of a two month amnesty that is being granted by the Abu Dhabi government.

Overstaying OFWs can visit any Residency Department across UAE to obtain exit visas and leave the country without having to pay any penalty.

The amnesty is available until February 4, 2013.

There are an estimated 209, 000 OFWs staying in UAE.

Middle East: Job Market Outlook in 2013

Happy New Year to all Filipinos who are already working abroad. For Filipinos hoping to get a job overseas this year, don’t worry there are always jobs available. Though some countries have been banned by the POEA because of political instability, it doesn’t mean that the jobs have disappeared. There is always work available.

For 2013 here is the job market outlook in the Middle East.

UAE will be one of the top destinations for OFWs because of it’s steady economic growth. Especially with the economic recovery of Dubai. If you remember Dubai was hit by an economic slump in 2009 but after that year Dubai has posted steady GDP growth rate: 2.8 percent growth in 2010 and 3.4 percent growth in 2011.

And in 2013 Dubai is expected to continue this rate so expect more jobs coming from Dubai.

The political instability in some middle eastern countries have actually benefited the whole UAE. Peace and order and personal safety issues in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and Syria have forced the upper class citizens of these countries to escape to more stable countries.

As a result the real estate sector in UAE which was slumping has suddenly experienced growth.

The tourism sector has experienced growth as tourist who used to visit Egypt have transferred to UAE instead.

This means more jobs for OFWs in the construction industry and tourism sector.

Lastly, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continuous to post steady economic growth. It was reported that the countries economy grew by almost 6% in the 3rd Quarter of 2012. So expect steady jobs coming from Saudi Arabia.

Again, Happy New Year and Good luck on your job applications this 2013.

Join Our Semiconductor and Electronic Professionals Network

Good day. We are inviting all professionals in the Electronics Manufacturing Services and Semiconductor Manufacturing Industries to please join RRJMs private social network, SemiConnect.

This network is very similar to Facebook and Linkedin but geared exclusively for Semiconductor and Electronics professionals.

We really like you to join this network because we see several Advantages:

1. It will allow us to maintain contact with future recruitment candidates. 2. We will be able to inform you of any future activities/events that we have created for this industry. 3. It will allow us to have easier communication and it would help us understand the industry more again for future recruitment purposes. 4. It will allow us to easily spread news regarding job openings and interview schedules exclusively for Semiconductor and Electronics professionals.

How to Join Semiconnect

1. Just visit http://semiconnect.ning.com 2. Enter your email address and password or join using your Facebook, Linkedin, or Google Mail account. 3. You may or may not be asked to verify using your email depending on the method you used to join. 4. Afterwards just fill up your Profile Information. 5. Then wait for our moderators will confirm the membership (This is to ensure that only the correct professionals are signing up).

So join us and see you soon!

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