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RRJM And Red Cross Blood Donation Project

The need for blood is great. On any given day, more than two thousand of blood units are transfused to patients in our country. Some may need blood during surgery; while others depend on it after an accident or because they have a disease that requires blood components. The Philippine Red Cross approximately supplies one-fourth of the country’s national blood requirements.

RRJM International Manpower Services and Red Cross will be conducting a Blood Donation Project tomorrow (March 16 2012)  in the office.

RRJM fully supports Red Cross campaign for blood donations. We hope that in our own little way we are able to contribute this project.

Jobs Abroad and a New Year

Barely two days before the coming year. 2011 has been a difficult year for both Job seekers looking for work abroad and for Overseas Employment Agencies.

There has been a lot of political instabilities in countries like Bahrain, Egypt, and Libya. There has been some policy changes in Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, Europe’s economy is really down.

But we continue to push forward with our mission to provide jobs to Filipino job seekers.

No crisis is ever permanent so we are hopeful that this 2012 the overseas outlook will be better.

We do hope that you consider us whenever you are seeking opportunities abroad. We have been in the business for 9 years and we’ve not encountered any problem regarding our license to operate.

We encourage you to communicate with us through our various emails our Facebook page, and our website. We also encourage you to drop by our office or inquire with our recruitment officers.

We are always looking for people (skilled workers and professionals) thanks to our clients/employers who have trusted us throughout the years.

Happy New Year to all and we wish you all the best in the coming year.

DFA Addresses Passport Application Delay

The Department of Foreign Affairs is implementing measures to address the current passport applications delay.

DFA will be extending the validity expiring passports up to one year for those with urgent travel needs. The extension will be available to applicants while they are waiting for the release of their new ePassport.

DFA office is also now open on Saturdays. Office hours will be 8am to 8pm on weekdays and 8am to 5pm on Saturdays.

DFA recommends the public to file their application atleast twelve weeks before their intended travel date.

Unemployment in the Philippines

As a recruitment company, one of our mandate is to provide jobs to unemployed Filipinos. In order to fulfill this mandate we chose to seek Job Openings Abroad.

To give you an idea, the total labor force in the Philippines is at 38.9 million. This are skilled people ready to fill different job positions in the country.

Unfortunately, there isn’t enough work to accommodate everybody. The unemployment rate is at 7.3 percent. That is more than 2.8 million plus who are not able to feed themselves and their family due to lack of available job opportunities.

The underemployment rate is at 11.6 percent or more than 6 million workers. Underemployed workers are those who have jobs that does not maximize their full potential and earning capacity.

One of the solution to this problem is to find jobs abroad. It has its difficulties but it also has its advantage. Money earned abroad have more purchasing power when used within the country. There are jobs abroad where you can earn in one month what would take you six months within the country.

Recruitment Agencies are not generally seen well. This is because of the unscrupulous acts of a few who take advantage of the uninformed job seekers.

Here at RRJM, we do our best to remain profitable to satisfy our share holders, our own employees, and our clients (both employers and filipino job seekers). But as we go about our work we are satisfied that we are fulfilling a social responsibility. That is to provide jobs for those who need them.

Note: All figures are taken from NSO (National Statistic Office) Reports of 2010.

RRJM Essential Emails

Sometimes we receive email that reaches the wrong receipient. To help you send your inquiries or application requirements to the correct people I thought of discussing our contact information a bit.

If you are an employer and you are interested in getting people through us, this email was created for you. Feel free to send us your inquiries and information regarding the work positions that you need to fill.

We’re more than eight years in the land based worker deployment business. We have filled several thousands of job positions to the satisfaction of our clients across countries in the Middle East, parts of Asia, and recently Guam.

Some of our clients are engaged in hotel businesses, airline industry, various types of engineering firms, and construction firms.

We are looking forward to partnering with you.

We encourage job seekers to use our online resume program at For any other concerns you can inquire with us through this email address. We have been in the recruitment industry for severals year now and we are duly licensed by the POEA.

If you are looking for work abroad or you have friends who would like to try working outside the country, you can send us your application.

if you encounter any issue or problem with our website or our online software programs, you can inform us through this email.

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