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Job Openings for Saudi Arabia – March 2013

Hi. We currently have the following job openings for Saudi Arabia deployment:

1. Fire Protection Technician

Must be Male. 25 – 40 years old.  Bachelor Degree in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering. With 3 Years of Experience. Should have experience in electrical wiring , fire alarm codes, installing, and repairing fire alarm systems.

2. Industrial Electrician

Must be Male. 25 – 40 years old.  Bachelor Degree in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering. With 2 Years of Experience. Knowledge in Electrical boards and panel boards. Knowledge of Blasting Machine and electrical components

3. Quality Assurance / Quality Control Manager

Must be Male. 28 – 40 years old. Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Mettalurgical/Welding Egineering. With 6 to 8 Years of Experience. Knowledge and good experience in piping,fabrication,erection and welding.

Please visit for more Details.

Indemand Jobs Abroad

Jobstreets recently revealed that according to their company’s data, there are about 500,000 college graduates every year and there are 170,000 local job openings listed on their website. Assuming these are all the jobs available in the Philippines, that means, if all those positions are filled up there will be about 320,000 graduates who will be unemployed. If you add another 320,000 for those new graduates who did not get a job last year and then add the employees who recently quit their job or lost their job due to company retrenchments, you get the picture how many people are competing for the local job openings.

There are a lot of competent Filipino workers but our local industry cannot currently accommodate all of them.

That is why I think that when you are beginning to plan your career, you should always be open to the possibility that you will end up working abroad.

Indemand Jobs Abroad

For those aspiring to work outside the country, you should always be on the lookout for the types of job that are constantly indemand. So that you can prepare and train yourself properly.

How do you get a feel of what jobs are constantly in demand?

Just check regularly the job listings of employment agencies like RRJM. If you check openings through out the year you will see that we are often looking for:

1. People who can work for Construction Firms like engineers, architects, quality assurance people, machine operators, vehicle drivers, etc.

2. Hotel and Resort workers like cooks, painters, cleaners, plumbers, electrician, etc.

3. Computer professionals like computer programmers, auditors, systems analysts, computer technicians, etc.

4. Marketing and Sales people

5. Financial Management people

6. Quality control people.

So if you are planning to work abroad, you should prepare yourself to get experience in one of these jobs because one to two years experience is required minimum in order to be considered by Manpower Agencies.