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DFA Addresses Passport Application Delay

The Department of Foreign Affairs is implementing measures to address the current passport applications delay.

DFA will be extending the validity expiring passports up to one year for those with urgent travel needs. The extension will be available to applicants while they are waiting for the release of their new ePassport.

DFA office is also now open on Saturdays. Office hours will be 8am to 8pm on weekdays and 8am to 5pm on Saturdays.

DFA recommends the public to file their application atleast twelve weeks before their intended travel date.

The Importance of Positive Attitude to Job Seekers

It is important for job seekers and employees to have a positive attitude. Particularly, you must be confident, you must be a self starter, and you must be a person who regularly takes initiative.

Whenever employers think of hiring, it is always to solve existing problems in their company. Often they add people so that someone can do the tasks that existing staff are not able to do because they lack the time.

We employees maybe thinking of a paycheck and providing for our families but always remember that employer always hire to solve a problem.

That is why it is important to have a positive attitude. Nobody wants to have an employee who becomes a burden – those who takes up more of the boss’s time (or other employee’s time) more than they are able to free up in order for the boss to do more important tasks.

Between two job seekers with equal years of experience or someone with even more experience and the person with the positive attitude, the person with the positive attitude always wins the job.

And you can usually sense a person’s attitude during the series of interviews.

If you are not yet this kind of person, try to develop yourself into one.

These three traits can also help you to quickly get promoted.

Blogging to Increase Your Employment Chances

Employers are always looking for opportunities to get to know a potential employee. If you have a friend that already works for the company that you are targeting, you have an advantage. Your chances of employment are improved because your friend can personally attest how you are as a person and a worker. And employers generally trust recommendations made by their own people.

But if you do not have this advantage, you can do the next best thing. That is keeping your own blog. In the past, I have kept a technical journal where I shared tips on how people can solve common computer problems. To my surprise, I received several inquires asking if I will be available as a resource speaker.

I turned down these request because I was already busy with several projects. But this example shows that you can demonstrate your expertise through a blog. And people can sense if they will be able to trust you through the things you write in your blog.

If you are an automotive technician, you can share your expertise through a blog. If you are an artist, you can post sample images of your art.

A blog can be a great marketing tool. I recommend that you always include the address of your blog when passing your resume.

The following are free websites where you can start blogging:

www.blogger.com www.wordpress.com www.multiply.com www.livejournal.com

Effective Resume Writing for Job Seekers

Everyday a lot of people are competing for jobs. The resume is a tool to help you get noticed by potential employers. A good resume will get you an interview while a bad one will get you ignored.

Some people just write their employment history. But there are actually two things you must remember if you want your resume to stand out.

1. What are your marketable skills? 2. Find achievements in the past that will help you prove your claims.

For example, don’t just recite the companies you worked for. Mention the positions you held in those companies and mention the activities you performed in those companies. This will help your potential employer know where they may be able to assign you.

Mention all the projects that you were involved in and what were their benefits to the company.

If you are involved in Sales, mention all the companies you sold to especially those companies that are really difficult to get.

With regards to the length of your resume, some companies don’t mind a very elaborate resume that includes all your employment history. While some companies prefer only two page resumes. If this is the case, you should only mention your best companies and accomplishments.

Applying for an OWWA Membership

OWWA (Overseas Workers Welfare Administration) is an agency of DOLE (Department Of Labor and Employment).

It’s main function is to protect the welfare and well-being of OFWs and their dependents.

Though you maybe an OFW, it will not automatically make you a member of OWWA.

How to become an OWWA Member

OWWA requires a fee of $25.

You become a member in two ways

1. By enrolling upon processing of contract at the POEA

2. Or by registering at field offices overseas

When you apply at OWWA be sure to bring your contract and a photocopy, your work permit, and passport.

Membership Benefits

Being a member of OWWA, you will be entitled to Life and Health insurance benefits.

The benefits provided by the agency has recently been expanded to include education and skills training. OWWA now provides scholarships to qualified OFW dependents.

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