Look for Jobs Using Google Alert

When you are looking for a job using the internet, you would normally visit job sites and look at their list, until you find the one that you think matches your skills.

You can imagine that this will take a lot of time if you are going to visit a lot of job websites. Fortunately, Google has a tool that can help us to do this process quickly and automatically.

How to look for a Job using Google Alerts

1. Log in to your google account (gmail or google+) 1. Go to http://www.google.com/alerts

2. You will see five options that you can set.

Search Query – This is where you type what you are looking for. For example you can type job open rrjm, job open programmer, job open driver, orĀ  job open saudi.

Result Type – You can leave it to the default value (“Everything”).

How Often – You can set it to “Once a Day” or “Once a Week”. If you want to be alerted immediately then set it to “As It Happens”

How Many – The default is “Only the Best Result” which will give you the most accurate information. Or you can set it to “All Results” which will give you all websites that contain atleast one of the words you type in your Search Query.

Deliver To – Type your email so that the alerts will get delivered to your email.

What Does Google Alert Do

Google Alerts will automatically send you emails that contain job openings depending on the Search Query that you provided.

Note: You can enter as many “Search Query” as you want.

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