Job Hunting and Christmas Breaks

Job Hunting and Christmas Breaks

It’s that time of the year again when everything slows down to a crawl. Traffic slows down. Office activities winds down as everyone is anticipating the holidays.

The last two weeks before Christmas are ideally the last days when you can still push your job hunting. But come Christmas, everything usually stops and will pickup again on the second week of January the following year.

Even though most would be in vacation mode you can still Use the holidays to improve your hiring chances by doing the following:

1. Update your Resume – It’s the perfect time to update your resume. Think about your accomplishments this year (career wise) and include them in your resume.

2. Learn a new skill or acquire a new knowledge – Maybe you need to improve your computer literacy or you need to enroll in a new course. Always try to update your skills. New technologies are constantly being introduced in every industry. You need to keep your skills relevant so that you will always have an advantage when you are applying for work.

3. Buy new clothes that you can use for interviews – This advice may seem shallow at first, even funny. But it is actually important. People tend to respond more positively to people who are well dressed. Sometimes people who dress well also attract better pay. You can dismiss this advice but it is human nature. You can either ignore it or use it to your advantage.

4. Network to find Job Opportunities – It’s the holiday season. Connect with your friends and acquaintances. Gain new friends. Sometimes, simple small talks can provide you with new job prospects. Who knows, one of your friends’ company may be looking for someone that matches your skills.

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